Rob Sheehy is a born-again Christian novel-writing husband/father/Information Technology Consultant/sports fanatic/Star Wars freak/golf enthusiast, in roughly that order.  Rob Sheehy is not an ordained minister, nor a biblical scholar.  The opinions he provides on this site are an everyday guy’s take on trying to live the way Jesus would want him to.  His novels combine his deep faith in Jesus Christ with his love of sports or Star Wars.

Rob lives in Wisconsin with his wife and daughter.  He also volunteers as an Assistant Football Coach for a local high school and has previously coached at Concordia University Wisconsin.  Rob is a ’93 graduate of Pepperdine University. When not working, coaching, or writing, he can be found with his family at home, on the golf course, at a sporting event, or traveling on vacations around the country.

This blog is titled A Disturbing Lack of Faith in homage to Darth Vader’s near Force choking of Admiral Motti over his ridicule of Vader’s devotion to the Force in Star Wars Episode IV.  Rob finds our society’s lack of true faith in God equally disturbing, though he won’t try to choke anyone – promise.  He’ll just keep writing to try to change it.


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  1. […] I write a Christian blog at https://robsheehy.wordpress.com.  I have a page there that tells about me, and a section for my books.  As I write and publish more novels I’ll […]

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