Winns and Losses

Winns and Losses cover

After a season-ending injury, NFL safety Marty Winn fears his career may be over.  Just as he begins life after football, a second chance comes by way of a workout with his new hometown team, the Seattle Seahawks.  God blesses Marty with tremendous success as the Seahawks embark on a run toward the playoffs.

Just when it appears that life for the Winn family couldn’t get any better, Marty and his wife Angie face every parent’s worst nightmare.  Their daughter Brooke is diagnosed with cancer.  As Marty, Angie, and Brooke cope with the diagnosis, their faith in God is tested like never before.

While the Seahawks’ dream season rolls on, Marty and his family face the growing prospect of agonizing personal loss.  Through both wins and losses, God leads the Winns on a journey of faith.  As his family and his football team look to him to lead them, Marty must look to God, believing and trusting in Him even if things aren’t going his way.

When everything comes to a head, on and off the field, will Marty ultimately lose faith, or find the will to win regardless of the opponent?

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  1. […] Right now I do all the marketing.  I have a fan page on Facebook for Winns and Losses and on my blog site.  That’s about the extent of it, unfortunately.  I send out the occasional tweet from […]

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