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No Job Too Small

Battling a sinus infection this past week, I tried several options in my quest for relief from the congestion.  While some worked better than others, all were temporary.  As ailments go, mine was minor.  Certainly many suffer from much worse.  My approach to my situation got me thinking though.  Through it all, whether because of the relative insignificance of it, or because of human nature causing me to try to solve my own problem, the one remedy that never dawned on me was to just ask the Lord to heal me.  As Christians, prayer should be our first option, in all things.  But how many times do we overlook it in favor of more “common sense” solutions?

Sure, we pray for our cousin who gets cancer, or for our unemployed friend to find a job.  We hit our knees early and often for the so called “big stuff.”  But what about when we get a cold, or we can’t find our keys, or our computer program we worked on for three hours won’t compile?  More than likely we run ourselves ragged trying to fix our problem by our own devices.  Meanwhile, God is sitting there patiently waiting for us to come boldly to his throne.

As people we hate being bothered with trivial things.  Foolishly, we project that same attitude on God.  Truth is, God wants to take care of all our problems.  Nowhere in the Bible is the saying “God helps those who help themselves.”  Part of His perfect love for us is that He’s always there for us, no matter how large or small the request may seem to us.  His storehouse of help is limitless.  There’s only one condition.  We must ask in faith.  It’s not always easy, often for the same reason we didn’t ask in the first place.

We might take the time to pray, but deep down we think our problem is just too little for Him to want to bother with.  Our prayer becomes little more than lip service, and when it doesn’t seem to work, we lose heart.  Or, we pray, then we resume trying to fix things on our own.  Once we do that, we take God off the job.  What we really need to do is wait.  God doesn’t need our help.

So next time you’re faced with one of life’s “little” problems, get on your knees, put God on the job, and let Him get it done:  His way.

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